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The Padel booking system is to rely on – MATCHi

Padel Tournaments UK and MATCHi have joined forces in a promising collaboration that holds great potential for the growth and development of padel in the United Kingdom. As two well-established organisations in the world of padel, their shared aim is to promote the sport and create opportunities for players of all skill levels. Through this partnership, Padel Tournaments UK and MATCHi will come together to organise high-quality tournaments, provide a comprehensive worldwide booking system, and establish a vibrant community around the sport. 

MATCHi Booking System

Introducing MATCHi, a comprehensive worldwide booking system for racket sports venues, backed by over a decade of industry expertise. MATCHi’s in-depth knowledge has enabled us to achieve the ideal fusion of user-friendly technology and robust functionality.

The clubs that partner with MATCHi can experience a range of benefits, including:

Streamlined payments for members

Reduced administrative workload

Enhanced profitability for your business

Effortlessly handle various types of bookings, be it one-time bookings, activities, or courses.

Membership Management:

Boost customer loyalty by offering memberships online, along with exclusive member benefits.

Streamlined Training Planner:

Simplify course activities, from applications to planning, for enhanced efficiency.

Flexible Registration Forms:

Easily publish registration forms, with or without payment requirements, to suit your needs.

Customised Booking Profiles:

Tailor booking rules for different customer groups to optimise your operations.

Efficient League Administration:

Manage leagues seamlessly, including registration and game result recording, via the MATCHi app.

Automated Light and Passage Control:

Save energy, time, and costs by automating light and passage systems linked to bookings.

Additional Add-ons:

Explore our range of supplementary offerings, including padel rental kiosks, digital signage solutions, and more, for your venues.

MATCHi’s padel-enabling features and on-premise products are designed to enhance your club’s appeal – both online and offline. As your Padel growth partner in the UK, MATCHi offers top of the line support to take your business to the next level.

To learn and join our padel tournaments, contact us via email, or alternatively, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date.

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