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the Game of Padel rules

The game of padel combines aspects of badminton, squash, and tennis. It is played on a more condensed field that is walled off and has a lower net. The popularity of the game is rising across the globe, particularly in Europe and Latin America.


The first point scored will be denoted as “15,” the second as “30,” the third as “40,” and the fourth as “game.” Except when both pairs have gained three points in a row, in which case it will be referred to as “deuce.”


We employ an alternative ranking system called “No Advantage,” also referred to as “Golden Point.” This sudden death situation is employed to hasten the conclusion of a game.

Whether to accept the service on the right or left side of the court is up to the receiving pair. To receive the deciding point, the receiving pair cannot move places. The game is won by the team that scores first.

Padel Isn’t just a game It’s so much more than that

Padel & Mental Health

Each battle lasts for 25 minutes. You can choose to warm up for 5 minutes prior to the game, which will be determined between players. Keep in mind that your playing time will be reduced by these five minutes.

The game must be completed with a winner. If the score is, for example, 4-4, 15-15, then the next ball will be decisive. If you become distracted by the tournament director calling the time, you are able to re-play the ball.

The winning team comes up to the tournament director to register the scores after each game.


In the 1960s, Padel was invented in Mexico. Enrique Corcuera created it in an effort to make tennis more approachable for the general population. He sought to develop a sport that would be accessible to players of all abilities, could be played on smaller fields, and required less expensive equipment.



Padel rapidly spread to additional regions of Latin America, and by the 1970s, it had arrived in Spain, where it developed a sizable following. From there, it spread to other regions of Europe, and today it is performed in many nations, including the US, Canada, and Australia. 

Padel has experienced an explosion in popularity in recent years, leading to the construction of new clubs and facilities all over the globe. The World Padel Tour, which supervises the growth of the sport and plans professional competitions, now controls the sport. Padel is growing in popularity among players of all ages and ability levels thanks to its unique blend of speed, skill, and strategy.

Padel is not yet an Olympic sport, but it’s recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as an emerging sport. The World Padel Tour and the International Padel Federation are working to promote the sport to the IOC and to get it included in future Olympic Games. With its growing popularity and the support of the IOC, it’s possible that padel could become an Olympic sport in the future.

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