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Elevate Your Game With The Novor 361 RG

Novor, a leading brand in the UK padel scene, is dedicated to providing players with top quality rackets that enhance their performance on the court. Their flagship product, the Novor 361 RG, is designed to bring your game to the next level.

Padel Racket Features and Benefits

Manufactured with precision well researched innovations, the Novor 361 RG boasts a 100% carbon fibre construction, offering power and durability without sacrificing manoeuvrability. Its teardrop shape and balanced weight distribution provides a unique power output for a racket priced below £150, enabling players to execute shots with precision and confidence.

The racket’s EVA foam core, rated at 20 density, enhances responsiveness and absorbs shock, reducing the risk of injuries such as tennis elbow. Novor’s dedication to innovation extends beyond performance enhancement, they have minimised noise too. Padel is loud which creates problems, especially in built up areas, but Novor’s density choice offers a quieter, more neighbour friendly experience without sacrificing performance.

Beyond its performance, the Novor 361 RG is popular for its sleek and eye catching design. Its modern aesthetics turn heads on and off the court, reflecting the brand’s commitment to make a statement in both style and substance.


Review 1: “What a stunning racket.  Very good price, especially for a carbon racket, delivered in 2 days, comes with a nice bag.  Beautifully designed and made, looks the business and feels very nicely weighted.  Can’t fault it. “

Review 2: “I had the chance to try the Novor padel racket last weekend and I was very surprised with the quality, weight and its balance distribution.”

Review 3: “Great racket with lots of power!”

Why Choose Novor

Novor distinguishes itself from other padel racket brands by prioritising quality over quantity. As a new entrant to the market, Novor has chosen to focus its efforts on perfecting one flagship racket. While other brands may offer a wide array of options, Novor believes in quality over quantity. By channelling all their resources and expertise into crafting the best possible padel racket for intermediate players seeking the advantages of a premium racket without breaking the bank.For players seeking to elevate their padel game, the Novor 361 RG is the ideal choice. 

Visit Novor’s website today to purchase the official racket of the PTUK LTA National Padel Tour.

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